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 This is the Wiki for the animated series Dr. Dimensionpants, created by Brad Peyton and produced by DHX Media/Vancouver, The Factory Backwards Entertainment, and Teletoon.

Kyle Lipton was a normal kid, until a portal opened and dropped a pair of "The Dimensionpants". When he wears them, he becomes a superhero called Dr. Dimensionpants. Now Kyle has all the superhero powers he ever wanted, along with responsibility. With the help of a talking, food-addicted unicorn named Philip, Dr. Dimensionpants learns his powers to save the universe, while dealing with everyday issues such as trying to become popular, keeping his room clean, and homework .

So far, he has fought a wide array from enemies, from The Cortex to the Megazoic Tentaculis, all the while fruitlessly pursuing his crush, Rebecca.  

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  • Dr Dimensionpants TV Series premiering Season 1 in Winter 2014 on Teletoon.

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